Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Beach Cheap Garden - year 2

I grew cauliflower this year. Successfully. My daughter and I enjoyed picking it from the plant and munching on it right there in the backyard.

To be Beach Cheap, use everything! This old toy bucket had a crack in the bottom. So now it has been resurrected as a brocolli planter.

A little spray paint makes an old rusted planter look like new.

A packet of lettuce seeds kept us in salads for the entire season. ($2.00)

I learned that if I put some hanging pots on the fence, out of toddler-reach, I would have plenty of pretty flowers to look at.
She's busy on the swings anyway.

And I suggest getting free pickle buckets from your local fast food restaurant. They just throw them away. Drill some holes in the bottom, and they make great planters. I have a mulberry tree in one, sweet potatoes in another.
Happy Springtime!

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  1. Great looking backyard! looks fabulous and so pretty!