Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Easiest Cheapest Ouchie Pillow

My original ouchie pillow was a sewn pillow with rice inside. It froze very well, and was comfortable to use (rather than the plastic guys that freeze you and "burn"). But when Lyliana hurt her mouth, the ouchie pillow got wet and was ruined.

Here is my solution:
Take a new clean sock, fill with rice, tie off with a hair-tie or rubber band. And put it in the freezer. {You can also heat in the oven or microwave for hot therapy.}
I love it. If it gets wet, I can open it, dump out the wet rice, wash and dry it, and start over. It is so simple and easy. And cheap because I already had these things in the house.

Beach Cheap! ;)

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  1. You can also fill with dried beans or flax seed.