Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bye-Bye Beachie

Before we moved to the beach, my goal in life was to be a beach bum. But living here, I came to realize a few things:

1. I sunburn easily and often.

2. Mosquitos reign here, with stinging sand-gnats running a close second.

3. Sand in your bathing suit and between your toes only sounds like fun.

4. Everyone loves the beach. The Jacksonville Beaches turn into one giant parking lot on every pretty day.

5. Lots of people want to live at the beach, so there are lots of condos and really small residential lots.

6. The city water stinks. Yes, really. During my pregnancy, I could not stand the odor.

7. I prefer to wear jeans. That makes me a weirdo around here. And really hot.

Oh, Jacksonville Beaches, how I will miss you. Oh, okay. There really are a few things I will miss:

1. Hearing the ocean at night.

2. Our library. The people, the services, the selection.

3. Our Publix and Target. Easily the greatest cashiers around.

And that's that. 7 vs 3.

I hope you've all enjoyed my Beach Cheapiness. I will always be frugal. It's in my blood. But soon I will be saving money elsewhere.

Come visit me at Evolution of a Farm Girl, chronicling our next life journey.

Much love always!