Monday, February 14, 2011

Crocheted Soap Savers

Here is a crocheted soap saver I made while watching a movie last night. It's quick and simple. And, because I had free (here-take-this-I-don't-crochet-anymore) yarn, it only cost me the time.
I make my own soap, and that makes it pretty valuable to me. I hate to see small pieces wash down the drain or dissolve before their time. Now, I put the broken pieces into the soap saver. They last longer, and I am happy.
No, I'm not cheap... I'm Beach Cheap!

Friday, February 4, 2011

An Important but Random Thought

A man was bartering with Satan.
All the man wanted in the whole wide world was a life free from financial stress with health and long lives for his loved ones.
All Satan wanted was his soul.
He was about to sign in blood when he was struck with a sudden fear,
“Wait!” He said, “Satan, can you guarantee that my death will be painless?”
Satan laughed.
“You mortals… you amuse me... How can you fret over some insignificant thing, and freely sell that one thing that is of utmost importance?”

We on earth become confused easily, and the enemy uses this against us. We are so very concerned with money, health, safety and pain, but we are ignorant of true value.
For what would you sell your soul?
Money… Beauty… Fame… Adoration…Power… Sex…
All of these things are readily available. “Not to you,” you say? Yes, indeed. Any of you can have any of these things if you work hard enough.
But we have only one soul. One life. One eternity.
Where will you spend yours? What is truly of utmost importance to you?