Monday, September 21, 2009


Ahhh, our chosen goal: to join the team of Chick-fil-A as an Operator.

[Ben has his nametag and Chick-fil-A tie on.
He was supposed to take a break for the party, but they got really busy right as we came in, so he was only able to join us
for some pictures and the candle-blowing.]

Ben's Dad encouraged him to consider Chick-fil-A years ago. Even before we met in 2002. But, back then, Ben was a Domino's man. And Domino's was great. But God didn't bless us with an opportunity for advancement with Domino's. Now, and this is very important, Ben loves food service. Ever since his first job as a dishwasher at Chizu in Jax Beach, Ben has enjoyed his time spent in the food service industry. But, as a husband and father, he needed more than just a job. He needed a worthy goal.

Enter, Chick-fil-A.

Ben and I visited a few Chick-fil-A's in our area, watching the interaction between team-members and customers. We were impressed. Chick-fil-A seemed to focus on making people feel special (such as by placing fresh flowers on the tables).

The employees were better than polite. They were courteous. You won't hear, "You're welcome." in Chick-fil-A, rather, they say, "My pleasure." And it makes you feel fantastic. Valuable. Important.

We read Truett Cathy's books and researched his charities. We were impressed again. Here, finally, was a Godly man who had his priorities in the right order.

At last, we had found a company who truly put their "principles before profits." The fact that the stores are closed on Sunday was/is very important to us. We believe that God designed human beings to need a break. He gave us the Sabbath to rest, to connect with Him, and to be with our families.

On the Saturday before Labor Day, 2008, Ben and I sat together at the computer and filled out the "Expression of Interest Form." Then, on Labor Day, we wrote essays and filled out the Operator Application. Well, Ben did, and I helped by distracting our daughter and keeping the office quiet. (Our old house even had an office. *sigh*)

On September 29, 2008, God blessed us with a management position at the Rivercity Marketplace Chick-fil-A with long-time operator Chuck Campbell. (Near Jacksonville International Airport) We jumped at the opportunity. During his time there, Ben has learned a lot about Chick-fil-A. He works with a wonderful tight-knit family of team-members. Since he has been working there, the store has improved, profitability has increased, and they even made the top 20% in the Raving Fan Index, which is a measure of customer satisfaction.

We are nearing Ben's one-year anniversary at Chick-fil-A, and we hope to hear from the company soon regarding progress on Ben's file or an interview or something. God-willing, it will be something good.

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