Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are we Poor?

When I was younger (and childless and student-loan-less and had a decent disposable income) I thought that those ten pound bags of chicken leg quarters were for poor people.
My family has been living on beans, rice (yummy), ground beef (when it's on sale for less than $1.89/pound) and those ten pound bags of chicken leg quarters. Sometimes I miss the rest of the chicken, but I have learned a lot from this very-tight-budget-time. And my list of recipes has grown.

Lesson #3: Beans & rice tastes better with a little hot sauce.

Even the cheap foods can be super tasty!

Beach Cheap tip-
Terry's Country Store has amazing deals on groceries. And you don't even have to cross the ditch! Be sure to watch the Beaches Leader for Terry's weekly sales ad.

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